WOW! I can’t pass up the opportunity to share this fantastic looking recipe by On Sugar Mountain. I’ not a huge sweets fan, BUT this is one recipe I will put on my to do list!

On Sugar Mountain

Hello friends!

It’s that time of year again….

….no not Christmas, silly. It’s the end of February. 😉

It’s that time of year when those adorable girls in their badge-covered, green sashes proudly extort millions of dollars from us in the form of Girl Scout Cookies.

Samoa Donuts - On Sugar Mountain

Extortion? Really, Jess, isn’t that a little harsh?

No friends, it is absolutely, without a doubt, the most accurate word to describe the sale of Girl Scout Cookies. You know why? THERE”S NEVER ENOUGH COOKIES IN ONE BOX.  I don’t care if you’d have to cram them in, but I demand more Samoas (ahem, Caramel D-Lites) in my precious purple box of cookies.

Do you know how terribly fat I feel eating an entire box of cookies?! Well, maybe you do, since I always see people buying multiple boxes of the same kind of cookie outside the grocery store.

Girl Scouts: “Would you like…

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