About Me

My earliest memories of food involve me cooking!  Whether making mud pies with scallions and dandelions in the back yard or serving REALLY thick pancakes on my cousins, I’ve ALWAYS loved cooking (they liked thick pancakes 🙂 ). As a certified personal trainer, I know the importance of healthy food choices to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but as a chef I knew it IS possible to eat delicious flavorful foods using fresh ingredients.  My goal is to share my passion for healthy FLAVORFUL, simple, gourmet  food!

How about a couple of fun facts about me so that we can get to know each other?

These are my wonderful babies. Yes, I know they aren’t babies anymore at the ages of 23 & 21, but they are mine and the best thing I’ve ever done!  They’ve been the best taste testers and social media gauges I could have asked for 🙂


I am an AVID sports fan!!!! Football, basketball, and golf are my all time favs with the GREENBAY packers leading the way!!



If you don’t see me in the kitchen, you will find me in gym! My love of exercise started as a member of The FIRM where I became an instructor and a certified personal trainer. I have such a love of efficient and effective work outs! I am a workout junkie!


and now to my one true love, COOKING! My earliest memory is of me and my cousin sitting in the back yard, “cooking” mud pies and adding wild green onions with dandelions. Yes even my mud pies were gourmet 🙂  After my kids left for college, a really great friend and I were talking about the importance of doing what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life! I took my “empty nest” as an opportunity to reinvent my passion into the career I’ve always wanted.  Off to culinary school I went…it’s never to late to go to school as I’ve always been an adult student.  Culinary school is the second best thing I’ve ever done 🙂 I love food! I love grocery shopping, cooking, serving,and presenting!  A grocery store is my oasis. I can’t tell you enough how much happiness grocery shopping brings me 😀 This passion lead to my decision to become a personal chef. The ability to cook delicious fresh food for people in their homes makes my career choice worth while!

Gourmet On The Go

Pursuing my life’s passion as a personal chef has been PURE JOY and I want to share it with you. Thank you for indulging my food PASSION.   Please try some of my passion on a plate and MOST importantly comment, like, and share your voice with me. This blog is so much better with you in it 🙂

 Freshest ingredients, simple recipes, and gourmet flavors! 



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